Our next dances are:

May 20, 2023
Hooray for Hollywood
Entertainment by Dee & Steve


July 29, 2023
Beach Partyh

Dance Club

The LVE Dance Club has been around since 1982, when membership dues were $2.00/ year , dances were Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and there were 9-12 per year. Well, the duesare still $2.00, dances are Saturday evenings, and there are 5-6 club dances per year.

Our club purpose continues "to promote good fellowship around its members, by organizing and conducting dance functions throughout the year for the enjoyment of the members and their invited guests".

Dances are held 6:30-10 pm, with decorated themes, refreshments served, DJ's/entertainment, and plenty of room to dance and be with friends or meet new. Varied music is played from freestyle, line dancing, ballroom dancing, or any way you choose.

Full tables of 8-10 can be reserved, and/or seating requested with payment/reservations in advance. (Box #26, Barton Hall-phone reservations not accepted). Membership gives the advantage of $2.00 savings from Non-Member price per dance.

Committee Meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month.

2023 Dances will be held in March,May, July, October, December.