LVE Quilting Club

The LVE Quilting Club makes quilts to donate to folks in hospice. The club started in 2001.To date, it has stitched and donated 4,827 quilts!

The club meets once a week from 1 - 3pm in Barton Hall (check the LVE calendar for current schedule).

As a volunteer, you can work on one or more aspects of quilt making - matching pre-cut blocks to create the quilt top, sewing the blocks, assembling the quilt (top, batting, and backing), sewing the assembled unit, or top-stitching the finished product. NO experience necessary! We teach what you need to know while chatting and making friends. Coffee and snacks are served at the end of the session.

You can also help by cutting squares, batting, backings or donating fabric, materials, and money to continue this worthy cause.

Check us out! We look forward to meeting you.

Contact Norma at 732-477-5682 for further information.

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