LVE Suggestion Form

Do you have an idea or suggestion that would benefit our Village? Or do you have a solution to an ongoing issue/problem that never gets resolved?

The LVE Suggestion Form provides a vehicle for you to make suggestions or identify a problem. Itasks you to give us your ideas on how you would implement your suggestion or resolve the problem and to provide an estimated cost. In essence, you will be creating a simple business proposal.

Leisure Village East is bound by legal obligations, township ordinances, and financial constraints. We are interested in your ideas, but before submitting your suggestion, we ask that you perform basic “due diligence” to ensure that your solution falls within these boundaries.

Do You Have A Suggestion?

Complete the required form fields and press SEND.

Your suggestion will be emailed to a contact at the LVE Administration Office and WILL be reviewed by the Board of Trustees and the Community Manager.


Rules for the suggestion form:

    Be clear and concise with your suggestion, issue, or problem.
  1. Provide your ideas on how you would implement the solution or how you would solve the problem. Please include estimated financial costs that would be incurred to implement or solve the problem.
  2. List Pros and Cons of implementing your solution.



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What is your suggestion or what problem needs to be solved?


How would you solve this problem?


What is the estimated cost to implement your solution?


What are the pros and cons of your solution?